Networking in Tampa, FL done differently

The basic idea of networking is to make new connections, garner new business, pass referrals, and interact with other like-minded individuals in your community. As business owners, we've noticed a shift in networking. It's quickly become an "interject yourself into as many conversations as you can, force your business card on people, and move on," type of scenario. We feel that this is causing the basic human element is slowly diminish. When the first question being asked when approached is, "What do you do," the basic human element is gone, and it's only business from there on out. While we appreciate a "to the point" attitude, we as business owners rely primarily on who a person is mixed with their "why" and their ability to speak passionately about why and what they do.

While business is important, we feel the human element is most important.




We like to that that Be Creative Networking is offering a different approach to networking. We want to know about you, the person first, and your business second. What's your story and why do you do what you do. Then, let's chat about your services and how we can collaborate! 

To make our event stand out even more we created out own game of curated questions to help start the conversation. At check in we give you one of our infamous "How 'Bout You" cards thant have a fun question to get the conversation started on the right foot. 


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