BKN Creative Headshot Days

BKN Creative is super excited to be teaming up with Marissa Moran: Hair & Make-Up Artist for our monthly BKN Creative Headshot Days here in Tampa, Florida! We are thrilled to offer this event to both our Professional and Entertainment communities.

Now you may be wondering, should I really pay for a Headshot? This is such a great question. Let us help by answering... YES our dear friends, paying for your Headshot is ABSOLUTELY worth the investment!

Investing in a Professional Headshot captured by a Professional Photographer, is actually investing in YOU and in your CAREER. We like to equate it to preparing for an upcoming job interview. Think about it - you meticulously design your resume, you put hours of time into creating the perfect portfolio which displays your best work, you choose the most professional looking outfit, you cut your hair, do your makeup, arrive early, and put on a superb performance all because you want to impress your potential employer and give off the most positive first impression. Now think about this; most, if not all hiring managers have already taken the time to research you via your social media prior to your interview, and quite honestly, prior to even contacting you. Intimidated? You should be. 

The very first platform potential employers will research is LinkedIn - so our very first question is, do you have a LinkedIn? You should, but we're jumping ahead of ourselves - let's focus on the headshot. If you don't have a LinkedIn, go and sign up - immediately. It's an online resume - it's amazing and will increase your odds of winning a position exponentially - enough said.

Let's go back now. You've sent in your application and the company starts researching you. They get your resume and think, "wow, this person has great experience." They plug your name into Google and up comes your social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - they all pull up. They see a picture of you at a party, holding a beer - "okay, so maybe those are on Facebook, no worries - they have fun, - let's check out their LinkedIn, same picture... yikes." 75% of the time, they'll move on. You may look great on paper, but if you can't invest in showing yourself professionally on a platform like LinkedIn, then you probably aren't the right person for the position. It can be that cut and dry, that black and white. Sorrrryyyy folks!  

Now, this sucks. More than likely, you ARE the right person for the position, but because you didn't invest in getting a Professional Headshot, your chances of simply getting an interview significantly decreases. Bummer dude. 

Interestingly enough, a Professional Headshot does powerful things for potential employers, potential clients, and like-minded professionals within your industry. Not only does it provide some extreme authenticity, it also draws greater trust in you and in your abilities to perform and engage. There is also a degree of professionalism and maturity that comes with a Headshot; This is incredibly important my friends - competition is fierce and having little wins like this will set you apart. 

Your Headshot is your very first impression and investing in a Professional Headshot gives a potential employer or client a glimpse of not only who you are, but it offers you the ability to make the most POSITIVE impact from the beginning. Now I ask you, isn't that worth it? 

We LOVE to have fun at BKN Creative and run our set like a fashion shoot where we celebrate you! Come and see what all the hype is about and join us for our very next BKN Creative Headshot Day! Visit: www.bkncreative.com/headshots to see when and where our next event is! Check out some amazing reviews below! 

"5 stars is not enough. Kevin gave me the best possible headshots I could have imagined. I really needed them done but was scared because I just had a baby and was feeling like I needed to wait and lose the weight first. Kevin made me look and feel....amazing. He is so fun to work with and the whole experience is something I will never forget! He has incredible experience and perfectly balances capturing professionalism and personality in his photos." 

- M. Richardson

"A+ amazing! I attended on of BKN's Headshot events and couldn't have had a better experience. Kevin is a skilled photographer and really knows how to make things fun!" 

- K. Sargent

"Kevin and Brandon are great to work with. They are very professional, while still keeping things light and fun. The photos they did for my company look great. I've never looked better than what they were able to capture. Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to next time."

- A. Talley

"We attended one of Kevin's headshot days and was so impressed with his professionalism, ability to make his subjects relaxed and have a great time. The whole experience as A+. Thanks Kevin!!"

- K. Sweazy